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Fincher's Bar-B-Q Makes Food Networks List of America's Best Barbecue from Coast to Coast


In Memory of a Georgia Pitmaster--Harold Marshall


Lovies BBQ in Atlanta and Georgia lost an 'Old School' Pit Master last week with the death of Harold Marshall. He died on November 9, 2018 after a long career cooking barbecue in Atlanta. Harold started out working in the kitchen of the Varsity before changing to barbecue restaurants, spending many years at the Hickory House Barbecue Restaurants. 

I first met Harold more than twenty years ago while he was tending the open hearth pit at Bobbie and Junes on 14th Street in Atlanta. I stopped by for some barbecue to take home for dinner, and this large man behind the counter told me the pork wasn’t ready yet. He encouraged me to wait for it, so I took a stool at the counter and we started talking. I learned a lot about how he slow-cooked pork barbecue over wood coals. 

An hour or so later, he took the meat off the fire, waited for it to cool a bit, and pulled some for me to take home. I enjoyed both the smell of the open hearth and the conversation with Harold, and the barbecue was worth waiting for.

Six years ago, my son, Nate “Lovie” Newman, was getting ready to open a barbecue place in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. One of the first people hired to help him was Todd Black, a member of the family that had owned the Hickory Houses. One day before Lovies BBQ opened, Todd brought Harold Marshall to introduce to Nate. While Nate had lots of practice cooking barbecue for friends and family in the back yard, as well as, catering and tailgating, he had never run a restaurant kitchen. Harold’s Old School approach to cooking meat over wood smoke fit perfectly with Nate’s vision for Lovies to use an authentic method of making barbecue. Harold would never use a meat thermometer to tell when the meat was done. 

Harold became an anchor in the Lovies' kitchen, and soon after going to work, he and I renewed our friendship from long ago. He forged bonds with three generations of my family from grandmother and father (my wife and I) to son to grandson. Harold’s legacy was to share his love of cooking barbecue with the staff at Lovies. His humor and Old School approach to smoking meat will be missed. 

---Harvey Newman

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Barbecue Nation at the Atlanta History Center


 Barbecue Nation opens at the Atlanta History Center on May 5,  2018, in celebration of National Barbecue Month. The exhibition explores  how barbecue has come to claim an enduring place at the American table,  and how it connects us to cultures around the world, in addition to  traditions, history, and the future. 

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Poss Barbecue

Poss’ offered “pig sandwiches” and other traditional American barbecue specialties. It was located o

Poss' Barbecue - offered 'pig sandwiches' and other bbq choices. It was located on Atlanta Highway near Timothy Road. It was a UGA favorite and at one time had exclusive catering rights to all UGA football games.

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Crawfish Springs at Chickamauga, Georgia


 After the Civil War, Crawfish Springs hosted a historic reunion of veteran soldiers from both the North and South who had fought in the Battle of Chickamauga. Called the Blue and Gray  Barbecue, 14,000 veterans gathered at Crawfish Springs in 1889. 

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Sheriff John W. Callaway


Washington (Wilkes County), Georgia


Barbecue cooks started getting attention from the press in the late 19th century, and foremost among the famous  ...

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Poole's BBQ


Poole's BBQ in East Ellijay, Georgia. The famous 'Pig Hall of Fame.'

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BBQ mullet


BBQ mullet on Sapelo Island, Georgia. See the story of mullet in the Saveur article attached. Remember that mullet is not just a Florida tradition.

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Sam Crowel was a carhop at Fincher's in Macon since 1971. He died today (July 15, 2018)

 We are sad to say we lost one of our longtime employees Sam Crowell early  this morning.  He died from complications from sickle cell. Sam started  working for our family in 1971 and retired late last year due to health  issues. He worked as a pit master, curb hop, and waiter. Sam was truly loved by our customers and fellow coworkers. He  was considered part of our Fincher family. He will be deeply missed.  

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Historical BBQ website follows different recipe

Article in the Milledgeville Union Recorder on the Georgia BBQ Trails website

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If you don’t exclusively use wood to smoke your meat, is it still true barbecue?

Jim Auchmutey talks about True 'Cue and the issue of smoking meat with only wood or charcoal

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Georgia BBQ Trails featured on Georgia College Frontpage

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Ryan Cooper Interview on Kevin's BBQ Joints gives a nod to Georgia BBQ Trails (December 4, 2018)

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