Georgia BBQ Trails

True 'Cue Georgia using only wood and charcoal to barbecue


We are thrilled to operate our own branch of TrueCue in Georgia! Thank you to the original TrueCue North Carolina for inspiring and incorporating us into the Campaign for Real Barbecue. To learn more about the True 'Cue mission, visit

True Cue' Georgia's first certified BBQ place


Lovie's BBQ in Atlanta has been recognized as a True Cue' BBQ place. They are the first in Georgia to be certified.

True 'Cue at Smitty's Family Restaurant

Smitty's Family Restaurant in Carnesville, Georgia

Welcome to our next Georgia True 'Cue member - Smitty's Family Restaurant located along I-85 at exit 160. Chuck and Carla Smith along with Bill Krause are the owners. 

True 'Cue at Sanders' Down Home BBQ


Carlton Sanders has been working in BBQ places since he was a teenager. He retired a few years ago and opened his restaurant in Vesta, Georgia. A few years ago his son, Steve, joined him in running the place. The address is 3078 Elberton Road, Hwy 77, (706) 456-2445.

True 'Cue at Crowe's Bar-B-Que


The Crowe family began their historic Georgia BBQ career in the 1960s and 1970s in DeKalb County before Phillip and Sandra Crowe opened the location in Madison, Georgia in the early 1990s.

True 'Cue'ing in the foothills of northeast Georgia at the BBQ Shack


Lisa, the manager at the Bar-B-Q Shack has been working there for over 20 years. Herman, the owner, has used his great grandfather's recipes for stew, sauce, and smoking meat to bring the customers a taste of the area's BBQ traditions.

True 'Cue at the BBQ Barn


Chad bought this small place on the square in Lavonia, Georgia about 12 years ago. He found a used Lang smoker and began his career in the restaurant business. Check out the picture of his Lang 'pig cooker' on his Facebook page.

True 'Cue'ing in Watkinsville Hot Thomas BBQ


The owners of Hot Thomas have roots in Oconee County that goes back for generations. They offer customers BBQ that reflects the history and culture of the area.

True 'Cue in Milledgeville Shadetree BBQ


Shadetree BBQ
111 Old Montgomeryville Rd NE
Milledgeville, Georgia 31061
(478) 451-0117 

True 'Cue in Macon with Historic Fincher's Bar-B-Q


Fincher's Bar-B-Q

3947 Houston Ave (136.23 mi)
Macon, Georgia 31206
(478) 788-1900

True 'Cue'ing in Dublin with Holy Smokes BBQ and Catering


Holy Smokes BBQ and Catering 

402 Industrial Blvd.

Dublin, Georgia 31021


True 'Cue in Dublin with Southern Heritage Bar-B-Que


Southern Heritage Bar-B-Que

2276 Veterans Blvd.

Dublin, Georgia 


True 'Cue'ing at the Washington Food Market BBQ


Washington Food Market BBQ

1010 East Robert Toombs Avenue

Washington, Georgia 30673

(706) 678-2233

BL Smokers BBQ


BL Smokers BBQ

2196 Pio Nono Ave

Macon, Georgia 31206

(478) 743-8155

Pig Skins


Pig Skins BBQ

59 Ila-Comer Road

Danielsville, Georgia 30633

(706) 795-0356 

Big Oak BBQ


Big Oak BBQ

1599 Ila Road

Commerce, Georgia 30530

(706) 335-6247 

C.J.'s Bar-B-Q and Stew


C.J.’s Bar-B-Q and Stew

1031 N Dogwood Road

Woodville, Georgia 30669

(706) 486-2484 

Jackson's Bar-B-Que Corner


Jackson's Bar-B-Que Corner

4640 Lamb Avenue

Union Point, Georgia 30669

(706) 486-2592 

Iron Pig BBQ


Iron Pig BBQ

121 Epps Street

Jefferson, Georgia 30549

(706) 254-5622 

True 'Cue at A&R BBQ



​1415 Pineville Road 

Buena Vista, Georgia 31803

​(229) 649-2720 

True 'Cue in Savannah at Smokey's BBQ and Fixins


Smokey's BBQ and Fixins

4118 Augusta Road

Savannah, Georgia 31408

(912) 349-0864 

True 'Cue'ing at Rusty's BBQ in Savannah


Rusty's BBQ

10 Wesley Street

Savannah, Georgia 31410

(912) 272-0407

The True 'Cue at Randy's in Savannah



750 Wheaton Street

Savannah, Georgia 31401

(912) 412-2671

True 'Cue in Warrenton, Georgia: Kenneth Norris Bar-B-Que


Kenneth Norris Bar-B-Que

4703 Mitchell Road

Warrenton, Georgia

(706) 465-3044

Traditional True 'Cue at the Crossroads Bar-B-Q


Crossroads Bar-B-Q

5494 Wayne Landrum Road

Gibson, Georgia 30801

(706) 598-3324 

Pitmaster Jarvis McNair True 'Cue'ing at J&M Bar-B-Que


J&M Bar-B-Que

60 Legion Road

Warrenton, Georgia 20818

(706) 914-5039 

True 'Cue'ing in Atlanta: Wood's Chapel BBQ


Wood's Chapel BBQ

85 Georgia Ave SE 

Atlanta, Georgia 30312

(404) 522-3000 

The True 'Cue tradition at Mickey Pigg's BBQ


Mickey Pigg's BBQ

256 Anderson Circle 

Alto, Georgia 30510

(706) 776-2267